"The MAN Behind Our Success"

"The MAN Behind Our Success"

Gurudeva Who Identified Himself With The Supreme Truth And Declared :-

“I am Chirst, I am Christian; I am Mohamed, I am the Muslim; I am Brahmana and I am Chandal a; I am God and I am the Devil; I am the sinner and I am the virtuous; I am the wise man as well as the dunce; I am the disciple as well as the Guru; It is I that listen and I that speak; I am certitude and I am doubt; I am Heaven and I am Hell; I am darkness and I am light; I am Yoga and I am Bhoga; I am Freedom and I am Bondage; I am everything. Look, look, look close, I am there in every atom, in every molecule. How can you bear grudge or hatred against anybody? I am all; there is nothing which is not myself. I alone was in the past; I alone am in the present; I alone shall be in the future. Whomsoever you envy, you envy me, in this vast universe, it is I alone, who exist”.


Enjoying the Eternal Festival............

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


the hindu new year came with the ripening of grains showing the prosparity coming into people's life.hindu new year shows that the wealthy n healthy time has come.
when the satva of ones body starts filling,this body starts regaining the position to bear the power.as only a powerfull stablizer can only bear the high voltage ,same is the condition of body.it has to be so powefull that it can handle the powers of spirituality.many a people ask that why there is such heavy ristriction for eating food in yoga,the answer is simple........
for example successfully completing any work needs your full involvment in it.similar is for preparing food.the food which makes ones body is the essence of the feeling of its cook.the pramanu or the "aura" which binds every body,may be good or bad as per the mental condition of the person.the pramanu of that body infects the food prepared that is "Pramanu Sankraman".so the stage for preparing one's body for the spiritual begining starts with the purity of body and soul.this comes by going for pure food n water.(remember that sankraman of water is much more faster than the grains.)
purity of body is the first step towards spiritual journey.some cults such as the "JAI GURU SAMPRADAYA"
and 'ISKCON' strictly follow the dietary regulations.
so come to the spiritual world and start defining your eating habits,you will see what you are going to attain.just try and see the difference.
there is much more in eating habits which i will try to explain in next writting.
                                                     JAI GURU

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Japa is the recitation of Lord's name. Japa is an important sadhana (practice) for God-realisation.

Japa yoga is the easiest, safest and surest way of attaining the goal in the present age.

Repeat 200 malas (rosary of 108 beads) of japa daily. Do more mental japa. Practice of japa brings the devotee face to face with God.


Japa yoga is the yoga of recitation of a mantra (or name of the Lord). There is a mysterious power in every name of the Lord. 

A name or mantra is recited in three ways, viz. verbal or loud utterance, semi-verbal or humming, and mental. Mental japa is more powerful.

Let the recitation of japa become habitual. Do purascarana - do one lakh (one hundred thousand) of japa for each letter (of the mantra). Live on milk and fruits. Observe brahmacarya during this period.


Prayer is not asking. It is the yearning of the soul for communion with God. Sincere prayer draws the grace of the Lord.

Prayer is a mighty spiritual force. It should spring from the bottom of your heart.

Pray sincerely, fervently, whole-heartedly. Then alone will God listen to your prayer.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


God is the source of everything. He upholds the earth and the heavens. 
God is the remover of all calamities. God is the granter of all prosperity.
To the unenlightened man who depends on his senses for all final judgements, God remains unknown and therefore non existent.
God is the fulfiller of the desires of every man. The Lord is all- effulgence, divine, the fulfiller of desires and the granter of insight and intuition.
God is God. He who is universal conscious¬ness, who is eternal, who himself witnesses all that passes in every heart, who exists immutably throughout the universe and who is ever free, independent and immortal is God.
GOD is present in all his glory  Seek him there. God has form and he is formless too. The Lord reveals himself even in a single leaf, in a blade of grass, in a drop of water.
God reveals himself only to the pure, the humble and the simple. He is the first and the last, the manifest, and the hidden. God cannot be defined. He has to be felt, seen, realised and lived in.
Religion is the link between God and man. Every religion establishes a relation between man and God. Relig¬ion should give shelter even to the worst type of sinner. It must be perfectly tolerant, broad-minded and catholic.

The essence of religion is love. There is only one religion and that is the religion of love divine, which transcends all creeds and all scriptures. Behold the one essence in all. Love all.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Dharma or righteousness is the gateway to God-vision. Righteousness is a means of climbing the difficult steps of the spiritual path. Dharma presupposes the knowledge of the truth. Divine life is dharma.

A perfectly moral and ethical life is dharma. Dharma is that which leads to the bliss of nirvana (the immortal being). Dharma is the way in which you have to divert your spiritual life to the supreme spiritual end.

The main feature of dharma lies in refraining from doing unto others what one would not do unto oneself. Compassion, liberality, truthfulness, purity, self-restraint and tolerance are the ingredients of dharma. Tread the path of dharma and you will get happiness along with freedom. You can secure the real joy and glory of life.

Dharma is the eternal law on which the universe rests, and by which the universe is governed. Welfare of mankind ultimately rests upon dharma. Righteousness is the highest wealth. It is the rule of life. In righteousness everything is established or rooted.

That which helps you in your spiritual evolution is right. That which obstructs and hinders your spiritual evolution is wrong. That which leads to unity of Self is right. That which leads to separation is wrong. To do good to others, to serve and to help others, to give joy to others, is right. To give pain to others, to injure others, is wrong.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

carelessness and forgetfulness are two evil qualities that stand in the way of success for a man.these qualities are born of 'tamas'.
one should develop a strong desire to remove these two defects and should develop carefulness and a good memory.if done so 'the will' and the subconscious mind will do the work for you.
many people are always different.they lack self-confidence.they have energy,capacity and faculties but they have no confidence in there ability to attain success.this is what which brings failure in all attempts.
you may have less capacity and yet you must have full confidence that you will succeed in your attempt.the words..'i will succeed'........and "i am fully confident of my success" ....makes the difference.
so one should never leave room for the negative quality of diffidence to enter his mind.know what your real worth is.
"A man of confidence is always successful in all his attempts."


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